NMS Solution

A high performance network is a basic ‘must have’ for a functioning IT infrastructure in any company. To ensure smooth business procedures, all processes should run without complications, including the internal and external communication between various company locations, as well as with clients and partners. Malfunctions and failures in operational processes easily result in loss of time, as well as financial loss.

Of course, every company has different requirements for a network monitoring solution, and as the market offers numerous different tools and solutions, careful selection of a suitable solution is a must. How do you find out which one’s the best for your network?

Types of NMS Solution in the Market

  1. Open Source Software: No license costs but high efforts for implementation, configuration and maintenance.
  2. Introductory Monitoring Solutions: Limited functionality for basic monitoring.
  3. Specialists: High performance monitoring systems directed toward specific areas within the network.
  4. Enterprise Network Management Software: Monitoring as a part of a complex and expensive management solution.
  5. All-in-one Monitoring Solutions: The trend goes to cost efficient and easy to use all-in-one monitoring solutions.

Solution Selecting Principles

There are a plethora of NMS solutions available from various vendors and each one offers various features. Here are some features to look out for while considering an NMS:

  • Scalability – The solution should be scalable and should be able to address current/future needs.
  • Graphical user interface – A user interface which can be started from anywhere and viewed from anywhere.
  • Centralized control – Organizations want to quickly find and fix problems and respond to changes rapidly from a central location
  • Standards based – Solution should support maximum number of standards based technologies.
  • Distributed scalable architecture – One that can manage complexity of networks.
  • Flexibility – Easy customization as per user needs.
  • Ease of deployment
  • Ease of Use – Speed and accuracy of reporting is a significant factor in a network performance managementsolution’s ease-of-use.
  • Real time Visibility & Monitoring Efficiency
  • Automated Baselines

Also to look into

  • Long-term Planning and Optimization
  • Reliable Operation
  • Quick Start
  • Simple and Fair Licensing
  • All-in. No Add-ons. No Extra Costs.
  • Your Entire Network at a Glance
  • Easy to Use
  • Always Up-to-Date