Technical Support

Technical Support Service

Our Technical Support Services help your business grow by providing high quality support, maximizing IT availability, maintaining performance and minimizing disruption.

Proactive and Preventive: Intelligent Engineering to support your business.

IT systems are vital to any business, meaning that preventing problems before they occur is far better than waiting to fix them, and fixing them fast when they do go wrong is a given.

Unplanned outages can have a serious impact on revenue, customer satisfaction and your reputation. The key to keeping your business up and running lies in IT support service agreements that align to your business requirements, which proactively minimize disruption, and are delivered by a partner you can trust.

ESS Limited delivers this service and more. We focus on preventing issues before they arise, using our predictive, preventative and proactive Intelligent Engineering services. We work with you to improve your customers’ experience, identify ways to help you become more efficient enabling you to grow faster.

Wherever or whenever you need support, from datacenter to single users, ESS delivers services aligned to your business needs.

Your one-stop partner for your entire IT infrastructure

Whether you want to increase system availability or performance, conduct rollouts to tight schedules or deploy large scale solutions, ESS Technical Support Services enables you to do business with the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

With our expertise in support, you get the benefits of access to an experienced team of specialists with the added benefits of improved service quality, lower costs of ownership and reduced risk.

Some of the key features of our technical support include:

  • World-class skills
  • Multiple ways to access support
  • Advanced multivendor expertise
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Remote support
  • On-demand support